12 Things Your Website is Missing

If your website is not performing well, your website probably is missing these things.

  • Valuable content and headlines.
  • Immediate statement of the solutions your products or services provided.
  • Clear call-to-action buttons.
  • Social proof
  • User-friendly and mobile responsive website.

It’s not easy to create a website that converts. There are a lot of things to consider before you publish a website. Then, once you publish, you still have to look it over and make these things present. It might be why your website is not performing as well as you expect.

12 Things Your Website is Missing

If you need to attract customers through online platforms, your website plays a crucial role. However, there are certain elements to ensure that your web visitors do not struggle to find products, services, and solutions on your website.

No matter what you’re offering, check out these that might cause an effect on your visitors. In the end, your website should always reflect your brand identity, credibility, and the experience you offer.

1.Clear and Immediate Statement of What You Can Do

Although it appears to be self-evident, how frequently is it overlooked to state what you can do or provide to your clients? It’s like applying for a job. If you can’t let your audience know what you can offer, what’s the purpose of even reading through your website?

Web visitors can quickly jump from one site to another if you don’t state what they want to know right away. People want to see if your products or services match their needs and expectations. Even giant corporations, which we think most people are familiar with, will make this statement as soon as you access their website.

2.Attractive and Catchy Headlines

Your website is missing attractive and catchy looks if it’s not ranking. It can make the difference between a visitor staying or leaving. It’s the page element that passes the “fast scan” test. So it is when consumers scan the content in front of them to see whether anything gets their attention. 

A headline can either entice their attention or leave your website. Therefore, the information you want to provide should focus on your engaging headlines.

3.Person-Focused “About Us” Page

Too many organizations use generic lingo without revealing anything more to their clients. So, it is essential to allow your customers to get to know the people behind the brand. Of course, they want answers right away, but a person-focused about us page can increase credibility.

You can tell a brief yet meaningful company background, some images, and a description of what you are and why. You may start developing connections much more potent than any mention of “achieving synergy” when you let clients look behind the scenes to grasp your story. It helps let them know your goal and why you’re in the business.

4.Clear Call-To-Action Buttons

Your website is missing conversions without proper CTA buttons. You can send your web visitors all the fantastic content you want, but make sure you include a call-to-action (CTA) 

What happens once they comb through your materials and reach the bottom of the page? What are you expecting them to do? Leave? You worked hard and possibly paid a lot of money to acquire visitors to your site. So, your goal is to convert most of them once they arrive. 

If you’re selling products, place add-to-cart buttons next to them or a button that allows customers to leave their information indicating their interest in that product quickly. Otherwise, they may move on to the next website, where they may find additional product information and possibly engage with it.

5.Valuable Content

Valuable content makes a huge difference. Filling your site with pages and poorly written content provides NO value. You’re simply wasting your time making that content and your web visitors’ time reading it.

Consider what would be helpful to someone outside of your business when expanding your content. It could include manuals or useful blog entries. It helps you gain Google authority and shows your customers that you care about them. Customers are more inclined to trust you, return, and even refer friends and family if you take the time to deliver value to them.

6.Updated Information

You’re website is missing updated information if your audience finds it hard to look for what they want to find. Let’s say you’re visiting a local business that you’ve heard has an excellent reputation. However, its website refers to company events from 2012, cultural references on the page are from a prior decade, and their phone number hasn’t been updated.

That would be difficult to browse, but you’d probably have a negative image of the company. What is the essence of communicating to your target audience if you don’t put updated information on your website?

Conduct a frequent audit of each page on your website to ensure that what visitors see is a true reflection of your company today.

A contact form is quite popular on a website, and it’s pretty useful. However, if that’s the only way visitors to your site may contact you, you’re doing something wrong. People don’t always want to wait 24-48 hours for a response, so provide them with a phone number where they can reach you immediately. 

7.Highlight Positive Reviews

Users need to know why they should choose you when there are a million and one possibilities for every product or service under the sun. Finding out what previous clients or customers have said about you is crucial for customers’ decision-making process.

Find out what your present and former clients loved about working with you. Then post the info on your website! Sometimes, it’s alright to brag now and then, especially if clients are happy about your products or services. Testimonials will demonstrate to visitors that you’re not just a legitimate company but also reasonably good at what you do.

8.Email Sign-Up

If you’re on social media, you’re already aware of the value of having a loyal following. But what if one of those sites suddenly vanishes? It happens, and we’ve seen it happen to different social sites like Friendster and MySpace. It is why it’s critical to own your followers—that is, to be able to communicate with them directly rather than through a third-party platform like Facebook or Instagram. 

A regular email newsletter is the best way to do it. Collect emails through your website. But make it easy for people to subscribe to your newsletter. To persuade users to sign up, use a hidden pop-up or slide-in when they come to your homepage. You can also use a fill form on popular pages.

9.Mobile-Friendly Web Design

You’re losing out on customers and their business if you don’t have a responsive website. Mobile devices, such as phones and tablets account for more than half of all website visitors. Visitors will become irritated and leave if your website only works on a huge desktop display. Test your website on your phone and run Google’s mobile-friendly test to be 100% sure.

10.Fast Load Times

Did you know that one of the numerous elements Google considers when determining search rankings is site speed? So, it’s time to upgrade your loading times if your site is still running for more than 2 seconds. Otherwise, you’ll lose users who won’t wait an extra second for your site to load.

11.Clear Navigation

Your navigation should be simple to understand and easy to use. Don’t have your visitors dig through submenu after submenu to find the information they want to see. Instead, design and organize your website’s navigation sensibly, with the most critical content appearing first.

12.Technical SEO

On and off the page, a lot goes into SEO. Don’t worry if you’re not a technical SEO expert; most individuals aren’t. You need to have your technical SEO in order, but if you don’t have much experience with it, you could do more harm than good. If you’re not sure, you can always hire a local SEO expert to help you get started.

If ever you find it hard to check, assess, and test your overall website performance, SBZD Marketing can help. We’re a web design company in San Jose specializing in web design, development, and local SEO services. For more information about things your website is missing, contact us today.

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