How Often Should I Redesign My Website?

There’s nothing more exciting –or nerve-wracking- than redesigning your website. It’s a chance to revamp the look of your brand and provide your customers (read prospective customers) with something beautiful to look at. Unfortunately, some companies update their websites yearly, convinced they haven’t discovered the perfect look. On the other hand, many businesses go for way too long without having a site refresh. So, with that said, how often should you redesign your website? 

As a general rule of thumb, it is ideal to redesign or refresh your website’s looks at least every 2 to 3 years. It’s because your website might get outdated after three years. What was attractive and visually pleasing three years ago will not be appealing and beautiful today.

Why Do You Need to Redesign Your Website?

You need to redesign your website because website trends constantly change. After three years, your templates, fonts, font size, and even the logo might not match your brand. Plus, website optimization maintenance is crucial since Google changes its policies regularly. Thus, redesigning your website is essential. Here are more reasons to redesign your website.

Improve the website’s mobile-friendly feature.

Nowadays, people shop online and search for services on the internet through their mobile devices – smartphones and gadgets. In 2017, studies showed that mobile devices were responsible for 77% of internet usage across the United States. This number is likely to have been increasing since then. But do you have a mobile-friendly website? As the years get on, smartphones and tablets also update their features. So, the real question is whether your website keeps up with those updates. If not, then think about redesigning your website.

Your website gets traffic but not conversion.

You need to revamp your website if you’re getting website traffic but it doesn’t convert to sales or paying customers. Are your visitors coming to your site but not doing anything? Do you have high bounce rates? Are visitors only spending a few minutes on your site?

These are signs that you’re making it easier for users to find you, but you’re not offering what they seek. It could indicate that your site needs some (or lots of) TLC. Your website must meet the goal of making people browse, read your blog, or contact you. If you do not se6tfvc e that, you must change something because your website isn’t growing.

Redesign if you’re not getting traffic.

If your site’s traffic isn’t there, something’s seriously wrong. Perhaps the content isn’t properly optimized. But, on the other hand, you might be doing something, causing you to put Google off. For instance, not addressing issues with broken features or duplicate content. Or maybe the design is just old and out of date.

Redesign to tackle a specific problem.

Beyond that broad view, the driving force behind most website redesigns is the necessity to address your issue. For some businesses, it could be a decrease in revenue or a reduction in the visibility of search results. In other cases, it could be more dramatic such as a site hack or a competitor site taking content. Whatever the issue, the best web redesign approach is to provide solutions based on the problem. 

In constructing a new site, you should discuss the obstacles you’d like to conquer with the team responsible for creating your new website. For example, if you’re looking for your website to generate leads, you must concentrate on building the flow of pages that connect to a form or information request page. 

If you plan to sell your products online, however, it is essential to have pages that discover the needs of your customers and offer them the appropriate solution or product efficiently and quickly as feasible. In addition, you must include pages and content for those who want increased traffic and visibility; search engine optimization helps increase your business’s online visibility.

It looks and Feels like Old

Another reason you should invest in web design is the cosmetic aspect of your site’s appearance and experience. Consider your site as a place to stay. Visitors arrive on the website and immediately get their first brand perception. Are you telling them you’re contemporary active, enthusiastic, and capable of providing the service, product, or assistance they require? Is it outdated, having outdated design elements such as flashing banners or traffic counters and smells of something that’s not at its peak? 

The appearance of your website is similar to upgrading your home before the sale. For example, if your kitchen or bathroom hasn’t had fresh paint or new fixtures in the last few decades, it’s likely to dissuade buyers. It is similar to a website that appears as if it was created in the early days of the Internet.

In the same manner, as isn’t, every renovation project will make a difference in the sale of your home. You don’t have to upgrade every part of your website to benefit. Sometimes, giving the homepage and the critical categories pages the attention it needs solves the problem. Or for a brick-and-mortar business, it may just require blade sign design to bring in more foot traffic to your business.

The website is not working correctly.

If your website isn’t performing well, it’s time to consider investing in a new website. It is, however, an extremely subjective notion that could take on different forms and manifest in various ways. If your website has numerous links that go nowhere or to pages that are not functional, or links that result in error pages, it’s time to begin redesigning your website.

Time for a Change

The web is constantly changing and evolving; it might not serve its purpose if your website doesn’t have the most updated features. Redesign your website regularly to remain current and give your visitors the most relevant content and experience

 A well-thought-out redesign means you can design something flexible and nimble to change and update it in line with the changing times of the internet. Launching and redesigning an updated website is just the start of something new. It also means that the effort to make it better and more flexible will never be finished. Your website tells a tale about your brand’s story to ensure that you’re telling the right story.

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