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One of the most popular things I have people ask me about is SEO vs. PPC. It is easy to get cofused between search engine optimization with paid ads through google or other search engines. So, we have put together this infograph to help small business owners know the difference. Therefore, they can better decide what would be best for their digital marketing strategy.

It can get confusing at first, but I hope this helps to grow your business online. If you have more questions or if you want to have a one on one consultation please let us know. We specialize in local SEO in San Jose California.


SEO or Search Engine Optimization refers to the organic searches that a person or company gets on different search engines. For example, if someone types it ‘best restaurant in San Jose,’ the top results on the first page have the highest search engine score. How does it happen?

A person’s blog or an e-commerce website shows on top of a search engine, depending on the keyword that the person types in. Google is intelligent enough to identify the most relevant content, product, or item to its user. However, it is only possible if you have content that tells Google that you have the information that its user is looking online.

On the other hand, PPC or Pay-Per-Click refers to online advertisements. These are the ads that come on top of search engines only because people pay for it. So, there are times that half of the results are organic searches and the other half are advertisements. Now, just like SEO, you still have to create ads that are similar or relevant to a particular keyword. Otherwise, Google or other alike search engines will not show it.

In PPC you will only get charges or fees if someone clicks on your advertisement. In other cases, you will only pay if a user turned into a sale. It all depends on the settings that you did while creating your advertisement.

Which Is Better Between SEO Vs. PPC?

Between SEO vs. PPC, which one is better? Although PPC is a good way to skyrocket your website traffic and views, nothing beats the power of SEO. Organic searches are always better options. PPC has a limit, and it depends on your budget. On the other hand, SEO will keep your status for as long as you keep on feeding relevant information to Google.

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Jose Salazar

Jose Salazar

Jose has over 10 years of experience in sales, and marketing.  He started out selling and marketing products in San Jose, and eventually, on the internet.  Furthermore, his education consists of international business, and marketing.  Jose's interest in digital marketing stems from his work at a traditional marketing firm, that specializes in small business. Because of this, Jose realized that the services being offered were jut too expensive for mom and pop shops.  Mr. Salazar was likewise inspired to peruse digital marketing for small business. Jose's personal interests include sports, movies, and food. 

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