What Are The Different Kinds Of Websites? Know Which One Is For You.

A website is an excellent platform to showcase your products and services. If you don’t know where to begin, we have summarized some of the most common types of websites. Find out which one is the best kind for you. 

Kinds Of Websites #1 – Business Websites

A business website reflects a company’s online presence. There are many reasons you want your business to be visible on the internet. It includes exposure, credibility, and getting connected to customers. If your company has to hire staff, advertise online, or showcase services, having your website is critical.

A business website with improved features might include a customer log-in area. It is where they can retrieve related documentation and access to their profile. Large multinational companies that do not market directly to the general public usually have massive websites that reflect and maintain their name and corporate reputation.

Kinds Of Websites #2 – eCommerce Websites

An eCommerce website, also known as an electronic commerce website, enables consumers to buy all of a company’s goods or services directly online and make payments through an online portal. People can do it day or night without a phone call or other direct communication with the company.

eCommerce websites show goods or services available for purchase. Then, it encourages visitors to add as much as they want to a virtual shopping cart known as a ‘cart.’ 

There is a virtual checkout mechanism after the customer has added everything he or she wants to buy to the cart. It helps in processing orders. 

Kinds Of Websites #3 – Non-Profit Websites

A non-profit website represents a non-profit organization such as a medical research foundation, an international relief organization, or a heritage organization. The term “non-profit website” is most often associated with charitable organizations other than schools and universities.

Non-profit websites usually describe their mission in terms of how it affects society and the people who have been helped or financed. It may include information on how to make grants and endowments. It may also include how to apply for support.

Kinds Of Websites #4 – Educational Websites

An educational website represents an educational entity such as a standard school, college, or university in the most basic form. It may also be a private education service or a mentor, or a virtual college that offers online and distance-based classes.

Educational websites should be structured to portray their education services in the most knowledgeable and supportive light possible to draw students and educate both students and parents about the level of education and pastoral care offered.

They may or may not provide educational resources on the website. Still, they are likely to include information about an academic department within the institution, photos of the campus, term dates, fees, principal or head’s addresses, contact information, and news.

Kinds Of Websites #5 – Portal Websites

A portal website connects to several different subsites or external websites. It is structured as a gateway or entry point to other content, as the name implies. It would usually aim to draw a large amount of traffic by linking various exciting content and other features.

Such sites may also serve as content aggregators. It helps gather and display material in preview form that is viewed more thoroughly at the subsites or external sites to which the previews connect.

Internet sports, news, online books, group and platform websites, songs, videos, and externally hosted posts on specific topics are features that portal websites link to. While there are no restrictions on what a portal website will connect to, portal websites are more successful. They aim to cater to typical public desires through mass appeal or concentrate on a particular niche field of interest. They do not wander too far from it.

Kinds Of Websites #6 – Crowdfunding Websites

Crowdfunding websites are a relatively new movement that has quickly grown to be a significant part of the online economy. They range from platforms that encourage people to make personal charity appeals to their friends and family. It may be for medical treatment to help small businesses and emerging start-ups create and sell new products.

In the center, there are sites like Patreon, which encourage people to commit ongoing financial support to a researcher, content creator, or another individual. 

Kinds Of Websites #7 – Portfolio Websites

Portfolio websites are those that serve as a showcase for the work of authors, poets, craftspeople, designers, and other artistic professionals.

If the work is visual, they may have a gallery of examples of its previous projects. You can use it to facilitate employment applicants and to assist the worker in finding other employment. Since their main emphasis is on the job, knowledge about the individual’s personal life is likely minimal. The tone may be formal. It is a way of displaying your firm’s uniqueness in a way that can help draw more clients or business partners.


Identifying the right kind of website to use for business is essential in delivering results. Ask yourself about your purpose in building a website. Do you want a platform where you can share pieces of valuable information about your products or services? Or do you want an online website where you can sell more?

Different kinds of websites use various designs. So, choose one according to your goal and the conversions that you want to make. If you’re planning to build a website for the first time, Salazar Digital can help you. Please message us at https://salazarbzd.com/contact/, and let’s talk about your dream website.

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