What you need to display your beautiful web design.

Domain? Hosting? Rent a space on the internet?

There are two essentials before having a website. Domain name and hosting, we have created a graphic that will help you understand the difference between the two and what they are. If you are not familiar with this online stuff, I hope this helps.

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Jose Salazar

Jose Salazar

Jose has over 10 years of experience in sales, and marketing.  He started out selling and marketing products in San Jose, and eventually, on the internet.  Furthermore, his education consists of international business, and marketing.  Jose's interest in digital marketing stems from his work at a traditional marketing firm, that specializes in small business. Because of this, Jose realized that the services being offered were jut too expensive for mom and pop shops.  Mr. Salazar was likewise inspired to peruse digital marketing for small business. Jose's personal interests include sports, movies, and food. 

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Our goal is to inform an audience of business owners looking to benefit from information about the web, and how it can help them grow their brand.

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